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Welcome to the 17th Clare Ruan Scouts web-site. We will do our best to keep you updated here on everything that's happening in our Scout Group.

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Get Involved

We are always looking for new members, if you are interested in getting involved

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Adventure Skills

One of the programmes we go through with our members are the Adventure Skills. There are 9 skills; Hillwalking, Camping, Emergencies, Pioneering, Backwoods, Air Activities, Paddling, Rowing and Sailing. Each Skill is sub-divided into 9 different levels and our members move up through these different levels throughout their scouting career.


You can register your interest for your child to become a member of Ruan Scouts. Due to child safety ratios, the number of available places is dependent on the number of leader we have. We therefor reserve the right to refuse applications. If you are available to get involved as a leader please indicate this when you are registering your interest.

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