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At the meetings Beavers will play team games and learn Scouting skills like hiking, camping, knots, first aid, cooking etc.

When they have met a set of challenges or have mastered a particular level in a skill they earn a badge to sew on their UNIFORM.

Beavers work in small teams called Lodges which are led by one of the Beaver Scouts – called a Lodge Leader - and also an Assistant Lodge Leader.

Adult leaders - known as Scouters, will do their best to let every child have a turn in these roles. When your Beaver turns nine they will be invited to move up to CUBS where the adventure continues with old friends from Beavers and new Cub friends.

Weekly meetings are only half the story. They also go on outdoor adventures – walks, treasure hunts, one or two night camps, litter-picking, parading on Saint Patrick’s Day, slumber parties in hostels or Scout Dens, etc. Children of this age love the outdoors and once they have the RIGHT GEAR, won’t mind a bit of rain. They also handle overnights without parents surprisingly well, often it’s a first taste of independence. If you want to come along CONSIDER BECOMING A SCOUTER – we always need more volunteers.

As Beavers are young the ratio of adults to Beavers is set accordingly. Scouters are all Garda Vetted and trained in Child Protection issues. Scouting Ireland is committed to SCOUTING SAFELY at all ages.

A large group of Beaver Scouts is a Colony, their small teams are Lodges led by Lodge Leader and Assistant Lodge Leader. They are Kind and Honest. When they talk in a circle that’s a Log Chew.

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